Sunday, 20 September 2009

Converting a classic ASP site to ASP.NET MVC

As I mentioned in this post, I'm planning to convert a classic ASP site to an ASP.Net MVC site. This is just a short introductory post to try and explain what I'm going to do.

The site

You can see the existing site here. It’s a relatively simple site that I wrote in 2005 to publicise a charity football grounds tour that I was about to embark on. The existing site was written in a quick and dirty manner and certainly wasn’t intended as an example of how web programming should be done.

The rewrite

I intend to rewrite the site in two stages. The first stage will be a simple rewrite that looks at how to port the existing functionality to the ASP.Net MVC framework, I’m hoping this will help me (and anyone else who might be reading) to learn the basics of the new framework. It’s important to remember that the first stage in the process is not about ‘best practices’ etc it’s about getting things to work and learning the ropes. The second stage will be more of a refactoring stage where I’ll hopefully explore topics such as TDD, Inversion of Control and different strategies for the database layer. There are plenty of excellent ASP.NET MVC samples already out there, but hopefully this will prove useful to someone! Links to the individual posts are displayed below -

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